Stickysaurs is an original collection of stickers realized with a successful Kickstarter campaign in September 2020.

I selected sixteen species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Some are popular, others are really particular and bizarre. Anyway, I'm sure that you will love all of them!
Their look is clearly caricatural and funny, but never betraying the main characteristics of the animals... and their wild nature! Every Stickysaurs measure 9 to 10 cm per side (3 ½ to 4 in).

The sixteen stickers realized with the Kickstarter campaign.

Now that the Stickysaurs are finally printed, they're ready to be bought from those who could not support the original crowdfunding campaign.
The price for the full collection of Stickysaurs is € 14,00 (about 14 US dollars).

Stickysaurs Packaging.

You can order the sixteen stickers in any moment, paying safely and easily with PayPal by clicking the button down here.
The button will land you on a safe PayPal page where you can order one or more boxes of stickers plus the shipping fees (€ 3,00) and leave your shipping address. 
The Stickysaurs will be shipped the day after the order with the PostePriority International service and they require one week for Italian shipping and two weeks/one month for the rest of the world.
You will receive a sealed envelope with the sixteen high-quality printed stickers.