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Récords y curiosidades de los dinosaurios terópodos y otros dinosauromorfos

Theropods Theropods
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Récords y curiosidades de los dinosaurios terópodos y otros dinosauromorfos

Authors: Rubén Molina-Pérez & Asier Larramendi

Illustrators: Andrey Atuchin & Sante Mazzei

What dinosaur was the largest?, and the smallest?, and the oldest?…These are questions that the majority of children (and many adults) we have ever done. Responding to questions like these, has never been an easy task, even more so today; continuous discoveries make many of the beliefs that were given by defined, remain outdated. Today, paleontology is a science that is evolving at a rate as it had never done before. This requires a constant attention if you don’t want to become obsolete about it. New technologies and the large number of studies published annually, have reached such a point that, looking back, what route in a few years has been a revolution in dinosaur paleontology. So much so, that to buy a book of dinosaurs printed in 1995, it is as if we take a look at a catalog of mobile phones of 2005.

In these circumstances, the authors of this book were forced to be continually pending of everything that is published about these wonderful animals. After years of consulting thousands of scientific papers, visit different museum collections, see that in many blogs, forums and social networks there are very interesting discussions about what dinosaur was the largest or smallest, contemplate that different printed and virtual encyclopedias are full of incorrect data (although it is fair to say that there are improving day by day), note that very few scientific papers answer these questions, or even see that the famous book Guinness World Records eliminated the dinosaur section, all this made us to work in a dinosaurs’ record book as never had been done, including the records until 2016.

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