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New project on the way!

Monday, 27 July 2020 13:17

Good news, everyone! In a couple of days I will show you more about my next personal project and my first project that I will fund with Kickstarter. Stay tuned!

Un’anteprima del mio prossimo progetto personale, nonché primo progetto che proverò a finanziare interamente con Kickstarter. A breve nuovi aggiornamenti...



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Gallery quality Paleoart prints on InPrnt

Wednesday, 25 December 2019 09:43

Art Prints by Sante Mazzei on InPrnt

My fine art prints shop is finally online on InPrnt! You can find on it high quality prints on paper, canvas, acrylic, framed artworks plus art cards in several formats.
Check all the prints on the shop by clicking here.

Sul mio store di InPrnt è ora possibile acquistare stampe paleoartistiche di altissima qualità raffiguranti le mie illustrazioni. Oltre alle stampe su carta fotografica, sono disponibili stampe comprensive di cornice, su vetro acrilico e su tela.
Lo store è visitabile cliccando qui.

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Il 23 novembre sarò alla prima edizione del Festival della Scienza di Verona. 
Mi occuperò di un talk dal titolo Dinosauri al Chiaro di Luna dedicato all'illustrazione paleontologica e alle sfide che si pongono di fronte al paleoartista nel momento in cui c'è l'esigenza di ricostruire non solo l'aspetto di un organismo fossile ma anche quello dell'ambiente che lo circondava.

Il festival sarà dedicato al cinquantenario dell'allunaggio, ma darà largo spazio anche ad altre tematiche collaterali come appunto la paleontologia. 
Il ricco programma è consultabile sul sito

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What a beautiful surprise! Today EoFauna showed the official cover of Dinosaur Facts and Figures: The Sauropods and other Sauropodomorphs, the 2nd volume of the dinosaur records books illustrated by Andrey Atuchin and me.
The book will be published in 2020 but is already available for pre-order on Amazon at this link:

Nella giornata di oggi EoFauna ha svelato la cover di Dinosaur Facts and Figures: The Sauropods, il secondo volume della collana dedicata ai record dei dinosauri e contenente le illustrazioni di Andrey Atuchin e mie.
Questo secondo libro dedicato ai Sauropodi, segue quello sui dinosauri Teropodi già pubblicato in lingua spagnola e inglese. Verrà pubblicato nel 2020, ma è già disponibile su Amazon per il pre-ordine a questo link:  

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Is finally out in stores Dinosaur Fact and Figures: The Theropods and other Dinosauriformes, the USA version of the theropods records book that I've illustrated with Andrey Atuchin for EoFauna.
This brand new edition is in English language and is available to buy on Princeton University Press website here or on Amazon here.

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This weekend I will work together with Federica Messina, Willy Guasti and Bigger Boat, to an official art event where we will create a giant wall dedicated to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The art wall will show the creatures of the movie fighting eachother.

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Pre-order now the english version of the ultimate book about Theropod records created by EoFauna!

The book features more than 3,000 records, covers some 750 theropod species, and includes a wealth of illustrations ranging from diagrams and technical drawings to full-color reconstructions of specimens. The book is divided into sections that put numerous amazing theropod facts at your fingertips. “Comparing Species” is organized by taxonomic group and gives comparisons of the size of species, how long ago they lived, and when they were discovered. “Mesozoic Calendar” includes page spreads showing the positions of the continents at different geological time periods and reconstructions of creatures from each period. “Prehistoric Puzzle” compares bones, teeth, and feathers while “Theropod Life” uses vivid, user-friendly graphics to answer questions such as which dinosaur was the smartest and which had the most powerful bite. Other sections chart theropod distribution on the contemporary world map, provide comprehensive illustrated listings of footprints, compile the physical specifications of all known theropods and Mesozoic birds, and much more.

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Yesterday was a dramatic day for Brazil, paleontology and science in general.
A massive fire raced through Brazil's National Museum in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday night and Monday morning. The 200-year-old museum houses artefacts from Egypt, Greco-Roman art and the first fossils found in Brazil.

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Details of the illustrations from "RÉCORDS y curiosidades de los DINOSAURIOS Terópodos", the first exhaustive (theropod) dinosarus record book. 288 pages fully coloured. 

Created by EoFauna and published in 2016 by Larousse.

Spanish version is now available on Amanzon:
English: coming soon!

Authors: Rubén Molina & Asier Larramendi Illustrations: Andrey Atuchin & Sante Mazzei

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