Sante Mazzei is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator specialized in paleoart and dinosaur art.

He works as an illustrator for EoFauna, a team of researchers, creatives and specialists principally focused on prehistoric fauna. With them he carried out the realization of RECORDS y curiosidades de los DINOSAURIOS Teropodos, the first exhaustive record on theropod dinosarus. The book is published by Larousse and is also available in english since Summer 2019 in two brand new editions, one published in United States by Princeton University Press with the name Dinosaurs Facts and Figures, the Theropods and the other one in United Kingdom by Natural History Museum with the name The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs: The Theropods.

He contributed to various events organized by Universal Pictures Italia for the promotion of the Jurassic World movies, making live art and illustration performances and participating in seminars and conferences.

Together with other artists and in partnership with the Museum of Lourinhà (Portugal) he organised the Paleoart Teaching, a series of educational seminars and meetings for young naturalistic illustrators.

For Dinosauri in Carne e Ossa, the Italian traveling dinosaurs exhibition curated by an outstanding team of paleontologists and artists, he contributes to their events and art workshops. 

He worked several times with the Museum of Paleontology of the University of Calabria for the arrangement and setting up of exhibitions and other themed events.

He has won several competitions of scientific illustration, such as the 2011 International Europasaurus Paleo-artwork Contest organized by Dinosaurier Park Münchehagen.

In addition, he is involved in comics art, works as a colorist and teaches a master class in digital painting.